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Doc Holliday is now offering in-studio Tattoo Removal!

Tatt2Away® non-laser tattoo removal, the new standard of care for removing tattoo ink and pigment, has now a Tatt2Away trained technician in the studio. No longer are the days of having to sit for many painful sessions under a laser, Doc Holliday’s Tatt2Away expert is a tattoo technician that has made a niche within the tattoo industry.

We are always looking to get our valued customers the best art. Gaining for them the tattoo pieces that they are proud of and like to show off. If you have ever had from another location ever got something that you couldn’t show off, or that is old, faded or tired, we can now take out the ink and pigment out of the skin getting the chosen area ready for a Doc Holliday tattoo.

So What Is It? 

TreatmentPatternBecause the mind could not overcome how much this tattoo bothered an this customer, she requested a partial removal. Visiting one of the first certified Tatt2Away centers in the country, the artist was able to completely remove the background ink and minimize scarring. Given the depth of the original tattoo and heaviness of the black ink these results surpassed the individual’s expectations.

More so, the technician was able to ensure that should the individual ever desire another piece of artwork that truly matters, they have that option!

The right image is the results of the near complete DEScoverup (reducing to cover the tattoo) using the DESCoverup Technique with Tatt2Away’s patented stencil and solution.

Using the Tatt2Away system the artist and individual removed limitations on design and strategy by selectively removing the darker pieces and curving around the other wanted tattoo images . After removing the “problem areas” of the original ink and allowing time for healing the sessions were a success!

Getting Rid of the Unwanted Ink  – Ready for More!

During your initial consult our Tatt2Away certified technician will sketch out a map and timeline specifically to alter, cover-up, or completely remove your art, regardless of size and existing colors. Based on your vision for your ink-evolution your technician will design a plan of treatments for removal and, if you desire, your new ink. In planning for your removal, time requirements are a common concern. Treatment sessions range from 20-40 minutes each sitting.

Using a patented template stencil pattern to mark the skin, the TEPR® (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) technique and the TEPRSOL® solution is what makes us unique and the leader in the market. Our certified technician performs the removal with equipment, similar to a tattoo machine, applying the solution in 5 mm patches following the template pattern. This begins the process of binding and breaking down the ink pigments of your tattoo.

PresentationpictureAs the area heals, the solution pulls the ink from the skin in the form of a scab. When the scab falls away, the ink goes with it. Our Tatt2Away technician will plan to treat small sections to control and maintain a healthy healing process. Each area will be treated in a different session until the required removal is complete. Because the procedure is similar to that of a tattoo being applied the level of discomfort during removal is much like how you felt when getting your tattoo. Many participants claim the removal process was less uncomfortable than when they were originally inked.

The TEPR relies on your body’s natural healing to reject the ink from the treated area in the form of a scab. When the scab falls off it actually removes the ink from your body.


The number of Tatt2Away sessions depends on the size, complexity, and location of your tattoo. During your initial consult with your technician, your session length will be mapped out with your end-vision in mind. An average sized tattoo (3 inches by 4 inches) may require only three or four visits, while larger pieces will obviously require more sessions to remove. Much like when you got your tattoo, your results can increase or decrease based on your aftercare regiment. Following all of the aftercare instructions, including keeping the area clean and out of direct sunlight produces the best results.

If your goal was to alter or cover-up your ink, our technician will be confident your skin is ready for another masterpiece approximately 6 months after your final treatment; inked like the very first time!


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